Online Trip Sheets & IFTA Fuel Tax Filing Software

Preparing your IFTA Tax return is made as simple as pushing a button, and will keep your information online and at your fingertips, or email them right to your office or tax preparer. Using will simplify keeping up with your daily trips and prepare your information for filing your quarterly IFTA tax return.

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Online Trip Sheet Software

Trip Sheets
Auto Generated

Simply enter Zip Code or City & State, and TSO completes your trip using practical truck routing and automatically fills in your state miles. Then enter fuel…. and you’re done!

Reporting For Trips & Trucks

Reporting For
Trips & Trucks

Print individual Trip Sheets, reports for each truck or your entire fleet, monthly, quarterly or annually for IRP and insurance needs. There are reports for all your needs and requirements.

Quarterly IFTA Tax Return Completion

Quarterly IFTA
Return Completion

Calculate Quarterly IFTA returns that are prepared directly from your online trip sheets! Then all you have to do is print and mail in or electronically file your State Tax returns!

Quarterly Mileage Tax Return Completion

Quarterly Mileage
Return Completion

Calculate Quarterly Mileage returns and prepare directly from your online trip sheets and transfer onto State Tax returns or print for transfer to tax returns or electronic filing to the state.


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In our Truck Ops department, using Trip sheets Online has reduced work and its transparency is beneficial. We are able to manage, organize, keep track, verify and give our Owner Operator full access and visibility from day to day reports to quarterly reports, truck information and fuel purchases. Along with the verification process that takes place on our end, reports are accurate with very little error.” 

Trailer Bridge, Inc

I have been trucking 25yrs. Last 4 with authority. I refused to pay a premium price to have my IFTA done. When I was doing all the work with the trip sheets. So I had been doing it my self almost 3yrs. then I saw this service. $20 a month and I have to do so little. It's been great. And anytime I've had a problem or ? ALWAYS A HUMAN TO TALK TO.! A helpful one and nice also. I'm so glad I stumbled apon this site. I can always double check my entries at any time to be sure I didn't miss a fillup.

Take Care: Roberta Tolonen/ M&R New Beginings