Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about You have come to the right place! We receive many similar questions from our customers and we have compiled them into a single list for you. If you don't see your question listed below, please feel free to contact us directly.

1. Am I required to sign a contract for the service?

You are not required to sign a contract with Over The Road Permitting Service, Inc. By accepting our Terms of Service and signing up, you are agreeing to purchase program web access for one month at a time with an auto renewing. As long as you are paying for this program, you will have access to your information and all of the corresponding reports.

If at a later date you do not renew your monthly subscription, you will have the opportunity to pay a one-time fee and have access to your data for reports. Your information will be stored on our servers for a minimum of six (6) months after your subscription has ended.

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2. What types of payment do you accept?

At this time we accept credit cards, in U.S. Funds only.

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3. What types of security do you have in place to protect my information?

Over The Road Permitting and makes use of the highest possible security to protect our customers. Our software is hosted by a world-leading tier 3 data center with 24/7 security guards, cameras and a locked server cage. We also use a 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption to transfer the information from your computer to our servers. Furthermore, our software and systems have been tested and approved by third party security companies and have given TripSheetsOnline Level 3 PCI-DSS compliance. To take our security over the top and protect your data even further, we also keep all sensitive data encrypted within the database.

You can rest assured that the information that you input to is safe and secure.

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4. My account is suspended. What do I do?

See FAQ #16, as accounts suspend due to credit card issues. Once your credit card is updated and there are sufficient funds to cover your charge, your account will automatically return to active status.

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5. Can I change my subscription plan after signing up?

You can change your subscription at any time during your monthly subscription. If you move to a larger subscription, you will be billed a pro-rated amount to cover the larger subscription to the end of your current month. If you change to a lower subscription, you will remain on your current subscription until the end of your current term, and at that time you will be billed at the lower amount for the next term.

To change your subscription, sign onto Trip Sheets Online and go to ACCOUNT PORTAL MENU---->MY ACCOUNT---->SUBSCRIPTION---->
CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION. You will be given options to increase or lower your subscription level.

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6. Will the price of my subscription plan ever change?

Our current policy is not to change the subscription plan for which you originally signed up. If you change your plan, your cost will be at the current prevailing rate for that plan. You can change your plan up or down during your active month (FAQ #5 will show you how to do this), and your following month will be billed at the new rate.

Your subscription will change at the end of any special offer that you may have used at the time you signed up, and will then continue at the rate that was in effect at the time you originally signed up for your subscription.

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7. How can I cancel my account?

Simply sign onto Trip Sheets Online and go to ACCOUNT PORTAL MENU--->MY ACCOUNT---->SUBSCRIPTION---->CANCEL ACCOUNT (blue box at bottom of page).

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8. Watch the information on the use of Trip Sheets Online at YouTube!

Yes, click this link to view on YouTube or play the video below.

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9. Can I see what a Trip Sheet, Recap and Tax Returns looks like?

YES!!! See Trip Sheet, Recap and Tax returns at:

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10. Can I see how the Mobile program for trucks works?

Yes, click this link to see the mobile program or play the video below.

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11. Why we do not use Odometer readings!

Most Odometer or Hubodometer readings are generally incorrect due to tire size, wear, breakage, etc. We choose to use a valued mileage program that offers everything except odometer readings. Most states can waive this requirement and will do so if there is substantial information and documentation as required by IFTA.. See below:

Direct from IFTA Manual
.100 Licensees shall maintain detailed distance records which show operations on an
individual-vehicle basis. The operational records shall contain, but not be limited to:
.005 Taxable and non-taxable usage of fuel;
.010 Distance traveled for taxable and non-taxable use; and
.015 Distance recaps for each vehicle for each jurisdiction in which the vehicle
.200 An acceptable distance accounting system is necessary to substantiate the
information reported on the tax return filed quarterly or annually. A licensee's
system at a minimum, must include distance data on each individual vehicle for
each trip and be recapitulated in monthly fleet summaries.

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12. I have just put in all my information and I cannot get a report for the quarter.

Most of time when we see this question, the person that has just entered the trip information did so in the current month. The program defaults to the current month for reporting a trip. To correct this problem, open the trip, look at the general information, and you will see there is a place to select which month in which to place a trip. Make sure your trip is in the correct month for the reporting quarter. 1st Quarter ends March 31 and must be filed by April 30th; 2nd Quarter ends June 30th and must be filed by July 31st; 3rd Quarter ends September 30th and must be filed by October 31st; and 4th Quarter ends December 31st and must be filed by January 31st.

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13. Every time I start a new trip it is not the city and state where I left off, Why?

Most likely there is a trip that has an incorrect date that is later than the date you are currently using. The program looks for the last end date to start a new trip where you left off. If for some reason you have a date that is 2024 for instance, it will always go to that date to start the new trip where that one finished. The best way to locate this is to look at a trip that is finished and where the new trip shows you starting. Check the dates. If this is not the case please email or give us a call.

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14. My odometer miles are different form your map miles, How can I fix this?

In our program, when you are using both the auto mapping side along with odometer readings, there will generally always be a difference in miles. Our mapping program runs from zip code to zip code and will be very close, but maybe not as exact as your odometer. In order to make the miles equal the odometer, we have added an "UNLOCK" button on the state and miles page. You will see it in the blue header just above the fist state and to the right. When you go to update your trip, the program will let you know the difference in miles between the odometer and the mapping miles. Once unlocked, you can change the miles in any state so that your miles will equal the odometer.
Watch this short video on how to unlock and change miles:

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15. How do I add fuel cost and fuel receipts into your trip sheets?

We have tried to make this as simple as we could by adding a cost field next to the gallons on the trip sheets. When you add the fuel cost, the program will add it up for you on your trip sheets and for your recaps. If you look at the top of your trip sheets, you will notice the second tab from the right says "FUEL RECEIPTS". First, either scan or take a picture of your fuel receipt with a smart phone or tablet and save it as a J.PEG where you can find on your device. Then click on the tab, select 'ADD FUEL RECEIPT" and browse to find your receipt, click save and then upload. The program will now upload your fuel receipt and attach it to your trip sheet.
To see how this is done, watch this short video showing you how.

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16. How do I update my credit card information?

Sign onto Trip Sheets Online and go to your ACCOUNT PORTAL MENU---->MY ACCOUNT---->BILLING TAB---->CHANGE CREDIT CARD (at bottom of page).

Enter your updated credit card information on that page and click VERIFY AND UPDATE CREDIT CARD (box at bottom of page).

NOTE: Credit card information must be entered EXACTLY as the information appears on your credit card statement (i.e., name, address, zip code, account number and expiration date). Any discrepancy in the entering of this information will block the pathway for the charge to go through your financial institution and will delay the activation of your Trip Sheets Online account.

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17. Do you offer refunds or a money-back guarantee?

We do not offer refunds as stated in our Terms of Service. This is a monthly subscription service that is renewed monthly. If you wish to cancel your subscription, log into your account and cancel your account (see FAQ #7). Your account will stay active until the end of your paid-for term. Credits can be issued toward the following month's service if an adequate reason is determined by the Trip Sheets Online support team.

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18. I forgot my password. What do I do?

To retrieve your password, sign onto our website home page at and go to the yellow Login Box and click:
Password---->forgot password?---->on the next screen, scroll down to FORGOT PASSWORD?----->enter email address associated with the account OR the individual truck login---->click SEND PASSWORD.

The password will be sent to the email address on file for the account. If you do not have access to this email address, please contact our support team.

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19. I want to start another trip and the system will not allow it. What should I do?

The system will not allow you to start your next trip until the prior trip is completed, signed and dated. Click on your last trip, and you will see the starting date without an ending date. For example: 10-10-15 - TBD (to be determined). To fix this simply finish the trip, sign and date, and the system will allow you to start your next trip.

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